Tàcharan Mhealbhaigh


Ruairidh MacIlleathain’s new novel is set on a fictional island off the coast of Scotland tangled in family secrets and on the brink of the Second World War.


Melvey is a small, peaceful island just off the West Coast of Scotland, but in 1932 the way of life is disrupted by the arrival of new landowners who have hatched secret plans to build a factory on the island that could threaten the safety of Great Britain. Supportive of the Nazis and friends to both Adolf Hitler and members of the British royal family, the Mainwarings come under the suspicion of an islander who has been employed as a spy. It is from him that we hear this story.

A child is born on the island, amongst twisted tales and uncertainty around his paternity. But, if he arrives as a “changeling”, he leaves as a ghost, and from accross the ocean, he is keeping the British authorities on their toes. Is he a friend or foe?

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